How Does It Work?

A portion of the profit from purchase made by a registered account is credited towards the selected charity.  This includes all new product purchases as well as all product renewals.

Supported charities are credited with a portion of the profits as follows:

  • 100% of the profit from the first purchase made by each newly-registered supporter.
  • 25% of the profit from all subsequent purchases made by each registered supporter.
  • 100%​ of the profit from all purchases made by the charity's primary account if the charity has their primary domain name registered with

At the end of each quarter, the total profits credited towards each charity are added up.  If a charity has at least $25 in credited profits, issues a check for that amout and donates it to the charity. does all the work to keep track of the purchases and profits so that the charities can receive the benefits.  Supporters are able to easily support their favorite charity by purchasing quality internet services (such as domain names or web hosting) at excellent rates.