What do charities need to do?

Nothing.  Seriously.  We handle all of the tracking and paperwork for you and make donations once the the minimum threshhold is reached.

Even though charities are not required to do anything, there are some things that will help maximize the benefits received:

  1. Suggest your charity to us if it isn't already listed.  If we don't know about you, we can't accumulate credits for you.  Someone else may suggest you at some point, but why not get your name out there earlier?
  2. Verify your listing in the charities directory.  If there are issues, offer corrections.
  3. Notify those who already support you through other means that there is now a new way they can support you by buying things that they already buy.
  4. Transfer your domain name, web hosting, or other web services to Hosting.Ampersat.net.  You'll likely save money on the purchase already, but you'll also begin earning credits even faster.  Don't forget that charities get credited with 100% of the profits from their Hosting.Ampersat.net purchases if they transfer their primary domain name to their Hosting.Ampersat.net account.

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